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Mouzakis Savvas
Class of 2023

OSM Scholarships is excited to introduce you to Savvas Mouzakis from Greece. Savvas is a strong striker who has the level to be a key scorer in any Division 1 program. Recently, he was offered a professional contract in Kalamata FC (SuperLeague 2 in Greece) but he decided to combine studies and sports at a US institution. This year he will transfer at the 3rd league in Greece where athletes can play without a pro contract and compete against men so he can be ready for the highest level in the US.

Player Full Name:         

→ Savvas Mouzakis 


→ Greece

High School Graduation Date:
→ May 2022

Preferred Field of Study:
→ Undecided

English Exam Date or Score:
→ TOEFL Exam Available Soon

Please let us know if you are interested in Savvas!

Best Regards,

Vasileios Mandilaris


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